The Fostering Process

Preparing you to Foster.

At Key Assets, we are committed to offering you support and guidance exactly when you need it. From your first point of contact and throughout your fostering journey, we are here to support you.

During the approval process, you will receive all the information you need. We will help you know what you can expect and broaden your understanding of what fostering will mean for your family. We will also get to know you and your family, as we consider the best type of placement for you. This ensures that we can offer you the training and support you will need to succeed in your role so that we can continue to offer the highest level of services to the children and youth in our care.

Beginning Your Fostering Journey

  1. Initial Enquiry

This is where we start to get to know you. We will talk to you about fostering and answer any questions you may have – helping you to think about whether fostering is right for you.

  1. Home/Virtual Visit

A Key Assets fostering advisor will visit your home to answer any questions and explain how Key Assets will work with and support you on your fostering journey. If all parties agree, we’ll send an application form which we can assist in filling out.

  1. Preparation Training

After a successful application, all of our carers need to attend our ‘Journey to Foster’ preparation course. This provides you with a full understanding of the fostering role and aims to get you thinking about how you would react to some of the situations you may find yourself in as a foster carer.

  1. Fostering Assessment

A Key Assets independent assessor will contact you to arrange to start your fostering assessment. Generally, they will meet you virtually/in-person 6-8 times.  One of those visits must be in home to see what your home looks like and talk with you about safety planning regulations.  These visits allow us to get to know you, your family as well as any skills and experience you have that will help you with fostering. This information is compiled into a report and presented to our fostering panel.

  1. Fostering Panel

After your fostering assessment and all relevant background checks and references are completed, we will present your information to our fostering panel. Based on the information collected, the panel will make a recommendation to the Key Assets Provincial Director. The Director will then make a final decision regarding your approval as a foster carer.

  1. Fostering with Key Assets

After you have been approved, we will begin the process of matching a child to your experience and skills. At this point, your journey is just beginning – we will be there for your every step of the way throughout your fostering journey.

References & Background Checks

As part of the application process, we complete several references and background checks for all potential Key Assets Carers. These include:

  • Vulnerable Sector Police Screenings
  • Children’s Aid Society checks (including all child protection records)
  • Equivalent checks from any other country you have lived in for a significant time as an adult
  • Ex-partner checks (with your permission)
  • Medical reports from your doctor
  • Drivers Abstract
  • Written references from at least 3 personal references for a single applicant and 5 personal references for couples applying to foster.
  • Educational references for any children or youth in the home
  • Evidence of citizenship
  • References from current and previous employers or foster care agencies
  • A full safety check on your home including pets

This may feel a little overwhelming at times, but that is completely normal and okay. We will talk you through any questions you may have and explain the importance of what we are doing every step of the way. It is important to remember that this is not a test with a   pass or fail – this is how we ensure that every foster placement we make is the best fit.

Payments & Allowances

Fostering is a fantastic and rewarding journey and our carers deserve to be compensated for their hard work and dedication to the children or youth in their care. As such, Key Assets offers a generous and competitive fostering allowance package. Payments are designed and intended to help you cover the cost of meeting the needs of the child or youth in your care.

Placement Type Allowance Payment
Foster Care $77.25/day
MATCH Program $60.00/day


How long is the approval process?

Depending on your circumstances, the process of beginning your foster journey can take between four and six months. It is crucial to us that you’re given all the information you need so that you know what you can expect when a child or youth is placed in your care.

What expenses are covered under the fostering allowance?

The fostering allowance covers these costs but is not limited to:
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Travel
  • Household bills
  • Everyday living
  • Allowance
  • Entertainment
Foster Carers are trained to know and identify the needs of the child they are placed with best. There is some flexibility around how this allowance is spent on the foster child, it is mandatory however, that a savings account is established for the foster child to which ongoing payments are made.

Will I be taxed on the allowance I receive?

No, you will not be taxed on this amount and you are not an employee of Key Assets.