Foster Support Service

We provide safe, stable environments for vulnerable children and youth.

While fostering is very rewarding, that road will be bumpy. Key Assets, our support network is here to guide you, even when the road takes some challenging twists and turns. Whether you have been fostering for a few weeks or a few years, all our foster carers need advice and guidance from time-to-time.

When you foster with us, your foster support worker is only ever a phone call away. They are committed to supporting you whenever you need them. Our approach ensures that you have instant access to all the training and support you need right when you need it. We work with you, as a team, to provide the best possible placement for a child or youth.

As you progress on your fostering journey, you will be provided with opportunities to advance your skills and credentials to meet the needs of your foster child.  Once you are approved, we will get you registered for mandatory training and let you know about all the training opportunities.