Therapeutic Services

We offer a range of professional therapy services to all our foster carers and children.    

At Key Assets Ontario, we believe in the importance of support and communication to give children and youth in our care the best possible outcomes. The relationship between a foster carer and the child in their care is of the utmost importance. To support and nurture this relationship, have therapists who help you understand the unique behavioural and emotional needs of the child or youth in your care.

How We Work with You

The role of our therapeutic services is to help you think creatively. When needed, our therapists will offer consultations with you to help you to understand the unique behavioural and emotional needs of the foster child. They will talk with you about the child in your care, arrange specialist support groups for foster carers who are experiencing similar issues, and can even provide specialist training when needed on a wide range of subjects.

From time to time it you may also be invited to case conference meetings. Overseen by a Key Assets therapist, these meetings are a space for everyone involved in a child’s care, such as school staff, mental health workers and the child’s social worker, to come together and share their experiences so that they can work together to meet the child or youth’s current needs and future hopes.

Fostering and family care is a rewarding experience for all, and you will not always need our therapeutic support; but when you do, we’re right there.